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All above identities are independently operated and provide for different services.

About Us
Cornelis "CW" Wilson Cornelis "CW" Wilson
CEO, Broker
Sales & Acquisitions
International Real Estate, Hotel & Business
Hotel Operations, Evaluation & Consulting

Cornelis, known by everyone as CW, initiated his studies at the private boarding school "Leevliet" in the Netherlands, and thereafter he attended the world-renowned college at "La Salle" in Valencia, Spain. He continued his studies in Madrid of Culinary Arts, Hotel Management, and at the University, Tourism. Additional studies, in Europe and the United States, included International Real Estate, Business Brokerage, Commercial Design and Business Economics. Besides English, CW is fluent in Dutch and Spanish.

Since he immigrated to California in 1982 he held executive positions for major hotel properties. He contributed to the opening of several new properties for a leading hotel chain in the United States and as well as implementing new operating standards. His strong gastronomical knowledge and tours throughout Europe and United States offers a broad understanding of the latest concepts, style trends, food & beverage, services, and overall industry's performance and outlook.

In 1997 he founded The Wilson Group and continued his career independently as a real estate and business broker representing clients in the United States and Europe. In the beginning of the new millennium he opened additional offices in Spain and through his Spanish consulting firm, Signes & Wilson Consultores S.L., together with his European partners, represents clients with the sales and acquisitions of hotel/resort properties, as well as Hotel Evaluation and Operational Consultation Services.

CW travels extensively between Europe and the United States and together with his broad understanding of different cultures allowed him to build and maintain an international network of valuable contacts consisting of selective real estate buyers, individual investors, investment groups, collaborating brokers and hotel/resort investors. Besides Europe and the United States, together with his team, he is continually extending its network with additional contacts in Asia, Russia and Brazil.

He is a constant promoter of the Los Angeles real estate market and with many years of real estate experience he personally provides professional attention to all details of the firm transactions, and brings to the negotiation table excellent skills to deliver his clients with positive results.

"CW is licensed by the Bureau of Real Estate and is member of the NAR which is a bilateral partner of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) in the United Kingdom, the European Council of Real Estate Professionals in Brussels (CEPI), and the International Consortium of Real Estate (ICREA). Those who are members subscribe to its strict Code of Ethics.

Lucien P.R. Pillai Lucien P.R. Pillai
Sales & Acquisitions
International Real Estate, Hotel & Business Brokerage
Hotel Operations, Consulting

Lucien attended the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, which is the sister college of the Atlantic College in England, and then moved to Europe where he completed his English education. After that he attended the International Baccalaureate before immigrating to the United States. Lucien has a knack for languages and speaks fluent Dutch, and has limited French, German, Spanish and Malay.

Lucien, originally from Singapore, immigrated to Europe in the early 80's where he started his career in the hospitality industry. Eventually his life's journey brought him to the United States, where he continued in the hospitality industry working for World-renowned chains. He has also been involved in the computer and software industry where he helped develop and implement hotel property management software.

Lucien's background and international experience, contributed to him pursuing a career in business brokerage and real estate.
After obtaining his license from the State of California, he has been successful in applying his knowledge and experience to the world of business and investment opportunities by assisting our clients with the acquisition and disposition of businesses and luxury real estate.

Lucien P.R. Pillai Antonio Signes Signes

Antonio attended the World-renowned College at "La Salle" in Valencia, Spain. He then continued his studies at the University of Valencia from which he successfully graduated. Antonio owns and operates two offices in Spain where he and his staff provide services such as; Tax Planning, Auditing, Business Valuations, Corporate Accounting & Administration.

His experience and knowledge has made him well respected and because of his excellent reputation he is often consulted about more complex matters.

Jackie Pillai
Enrolled Agent, Tax Consultant

Jackie Pillai has been educated in Great Britain, the Netherlands and California. She is a longtime associate of The Wilson Group, specializing in tax laws. Her skills include the evaluation and restructuring of tax as well as the transfer of sales and acquisitions of real estate and other business investments. As an Enrolled Agent, Jackie, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPA’s), is unrestricted as to which taxpayers she can represent and what types of tax matters she can handle.

The above provides information about our team and other associates who work independently from each other. Although services are closely associated to each other, each service is provided by the appropriate professional on an independent basis. Each individual and/or identity only provides services for which they are licensed, or if applicable, are permitted to provide those services.

All above identities are independently operated and provide for different services.




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